Terms of Use

Hosted Materials

We strictly prohibit the use of our services for unlawful purposes, copyright infringement, malicious activities, promotion of indescent speech and/or the promotion of adult content. Failure to abide by these rules can result in an immediate unrefundable termination of the responsible account, having us as the sole arbitrar for taking the proper decision and action. We are not responsible for any infringements and unlawful activities caused by materials present on any of our servers. The user or owner of the account is held completely responsible for the materials present on his account.

Use of Resources

Our packages are configured with limitations on disk usage, traffic consumption, CPU usage time, memory usage, simultaneous scripts, along with other limitations that enable the shared accounts to function in synergy without affecting each other negatively in the case of elevated demands on servers' resources. Any activities that can potentially endanger the stability and functioning of the servers or other shared hosts may be terminated immediately and in severe cases can be subject to an unrefundable suspension of the responsible hosting account(s). This includes but is not limited to the use of background programs, bots, linking to chatting servers, running proxy softwares and URL shortening services etc. We maintain the right to modify, add or remove limitations as we find proper during the course of our service. In the case of disputes, we maintain complete rights to take proper descisions and actions.

The client is able to monitor the use of these resources from his account's control panel. In the case of exceeding the allocated limitations. We have the right to temporarily suspend and/or inform the client about the proper action that needs to be taken to restore the account to its functioning state.

Improper Abuse of Network

It is strictly prohibited to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account. If a user attempts to access data that is not owned by him or log into a server or account for which he is not authorized, his account may be subject for immediate termination or suspension without notice, and he is held completely responsible for his malicious activity in cases of disputes raised by the affected party. This includes but is not limited to: password cracking, probing the security of other networks in search of weaknesses, flooding, mail bombing, spamming, deliberate attempts to overload or crash a host or network, or violation of any other security policy. We will abide by the laws of the affected party's country and/or international laws relating to the matter, and will help with investigations of violations of systems or network security when requested.

Refund Policy

We offer a free 3 month trial package which enables our customers to test our system before committing to a purchase, hence no refund policy is further ensued.

Renewal Policy

We do not renew accounts automatically because no credit card information is stored in our databases. We do send email reminders to our customers at different intervals when the expiry date of the product is approaching, however, the customer is completely responsible for renewing the services he purchased through us.

Domain Registration Policy

Our domains are all subject to the regulations of the ICANN organization and the terms of the ICANN accreditted corparation Enom Inc. via which we process our domain registrations.

Furthermore, as of January 1, 2014, the ICANN regulations regarding WHOIS data require domain registrars to verify explicitly that the registrant data of each domain is correct. To comply with this regulation, Enom Inc. has adopted the policy to verify the registrant contact data by sending an email to the registrant email address. Such verification will be performed upon new domain registration, and any change of the registrant name or email address of an existing domain. When the verification message is sent to the registrant email address, registrants must follow the link in the message to confirm that the registrant data is correct. And failure to perform the verification within 15 days after the new registration or the change of the registrant data can result in temporary suspension of the domain service and a message might appear stating that the domain has not been verified when accessed from a web browser with potential instructions about the verification process. Upon verification, the service should be restored within 24 to 48 hours.

If a set of registrant WHOIS data is already verified and used on several domains, any change to the name or email address on any of these domains, if the owner fails to complete the verification process, may result in all these domains displaying the page with instructions on how the registrant data is to be verified.


We reserve the right to be the sole decision maker in the case of any disputes concerning the ownership of hosting accounts or domain names. Giving priority to the party that has paid for the registered account. The identity of the owner can be confirmed using the payer's contact information, being an email or a telephone number. If we failed to contact the owner using the preceding means, other contact means can be obtained via the investigation of the content hosted under the respective hosting account or domain name.

Under any forced circumstances such as the death or disability of the original owner that prevents him/her from continuing to manage the hosting account or the domain name purchased, we may grant ownership to another person or organization, considering that proof is presented about the original owner's condition, and based on the decision undertaken by us about the validity of the information. A court decision overruling in case of ownership dispute will always be highly considered in cases of disputes.

Loss of Data and Delay/Interruption of Services and Limited Liability

Although the best measures are taken to maintain the highest level of security and protection for all data present on our servers as well as the integrity of our servers availibility, transmission and delivery of data and/or emails, domain name availability, prompt response of servers, and any other issues related to the services we provide. Our company, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, officers, directors, employees and agents are exempt from responsiblity for any (1) loss of data, (2) failure of delivery, corruption or misdelivery of data or emails, (3) delays and interruptions of service, (4) and/or any loss of assets, profits or any liability caused by the failure to deliver our services promptly (including in cases of negligence) or in the cases of forced conditions beyond the company's control, (5) and/or any expenses, damages and costs, attorney fees and any other costs resulting from the preceded situations. We are also not responsible for any costs resulting from the violation of any of the terms and conditions presented on this page.

Violation of any of our conditions as well as submitting fake identity information can further be grounds for the suspension or termination of the related account or service.

We may revise or change these terms and conditions at any time with or without notification to our customers. Such revisions or changes are binding and effective immediately after posting them on our website, or on notification to the customers by email.

All content available through our website(s) or services is the sole property of our company, and any unauthorised use or reproduction of the materials owned and presented on our website(s) or services is strictly prohobited and may result in legal action.